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PLAYER Code of Conduct

Player Code Of Conduct

Player Code Of Conduct

I will do my best to act at all times in a manner that brings credit to me, my family, my team and Swain Basketball AAU.

1. I will appreciate the hard work of the coaches and my parents in providing me the opportunity to be the
best player and person that I can be.

2. I will dedicate myself to this group and give my best efforts towards reaching my personal and
team goals as I expect they will do for me.

3. I will respect my teammates and will refrain from criticizing them on the court or off. I will remain positive and encouraging when communicating to players on all of Swain Basketball AAU teams. If I have concerns or problems I will speak with my parents, coach(es), and/or advocates to find a resolution.

4. I understand that playing time is earned, not guaranteed. All players will be given equal opportunity and
instruction to earn their position, but it is up to me to put forth the effort. I understand that I must earn my
position and time on the court by showing the will to compete, the desire to support my teammates on the
floor, and the heart to do whatever it takes to give everything I have to the match.

5. I will do my best to be present at all team functions (practices, tournaments, overnight trips, meetings, special events, etc.) unless I receive prior permission from my Head Coach. I recognize that failure to meet my obligations to the team could result in reductions in playing time.

6. I realize in the event I must miss a practice, tournament, or team event, the coach must be notified IN ADVANCE by both Email and Phone (24 hours advance notice for a practice and one month advance notice for a tournament)

7. During tournaments and overnight trips I will:

  • a. Respect and follow the rules, regulations, and curfews established by the Coaches and/or Chaperones
    at all times.
  • b. Arrive on time. I will notify the Head Coach and Chaperone immediately once I realize travel conditions
    may cause me to be late. If I arrive late without prior notification, my play will be limited to
    exceptional substitutions due to injury during the first game for which I am present.
  • c. Remain with at least one of my teammates or my parents at all times.
  • d. Abide by all rules established by Swain Basketball AAU staff and chaperones.
  • e. Act respectfully towards other teams, players, coaches and officials.
  • f. Not leave a tournament site or practice without previous permission from my Head Coach.
  • g. Accept that unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for suspension, dismissal and/or removal from a game or tournament.
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Player Code Of Conduct

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