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Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Code Of Conduct

Parent Code Of Conduct

The coaching staff appreciates all the help we can get, but we must insist that the coach’s decision are respected and followed by everyone. Please review items 1-14 on the concepts of an Ideal Parent”.
1. Support your child and attend as many games as possible.
2. Avoid putting pressure on your child to start, score, or be the star of the team.
3. Support the coach in public around other parents and fans.
4. Avoid speaking negatively about the coach in front of your child. It may create a major barrier in the child’s hope for improvement in the sport.
5. Understand the purpose of athletics. It exists as an integral part of developing character and an educational mission. Participation in athletics is a privilege not a right.
6. Serve as a good role model for the students, athletes, and other fans. This will help show your character and emphasis how important character is.
7. Appreciate the educational opportunity that your child is receiving in the program. This includes the enormous time provided by the coaches and volunteers to make the program work.
8. Serve as a beacon of good sportsmanship.
9. Show respect to everyone involved in the game – Coaches, athletes, fans, and officials.
10. Talk to the coach if you have a concern with the program (away from the court). Not your child!
11. Avoid disparaging comments about any player on the team. If you don’t have something good to say, keep it to yourself.
12. Express concerns and questions in a courteous, civil manner and at the right/proper time.
13. Understand that the goals of the team and Swain Basketball AAU program are built around the team concept not your child.
14. Avoid constant and chronic complaining.

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Parent Code Of Conduct

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