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Swain AAU Basketball mission is to create a memorable part of the student athlete’s life journey by providing a healthy and safe environment where confidence and consistency in their athletic abilities will inspire them to go to the next level. We will create an atmosphere where they can improve their basketball skills, while enjoying the camaraderie of their fellow teammates and coaches and the excitement of playing the competitive game of basketball, thus allowing them to learn new skills and develop skills that have already been acquired. The goal of all of Swain AAU Coaches goes beyond teaching basketball skills, but includes teaching important life skills such as responsibility, self-respect, and teamwork. As an organization, we do not emphasize basketball as the number one priority over other areas of our young athletes’ lives. Our commitment is to broaden the personal growth of our players in hopes of them being able to maximize their full potential in all aspects of life.


When you hear certain names, you pause, because it speaks of brand excellence. Swain Basketball Academy precedes itself. Robert Swain, Lead Player Development Coach, founded Swain Basketball Academy in 2015, Swain Academy is a nationally recognized elite player development program elevating girls and boys youth, high school, collegiate, and pro athletes. Robert Swain is globally recognized as one of the best athletic basketball trainers nationally and internationally based in Atlanta, Georgia. His clientele speaks for itself and the quality of his training. His mission is to instruct and improve the skill level and mental toughness of each athlete while assisting them in excelling their game to the next level. He instills lifelong personal development lessons that extend beyond athletics. He possesses a genuine love for kids and people in general, as well as an incredible passion for basketball.

He has been a highly sought-after skills trainer since 2015 and played college and professional basketball. His extensive training and working with the coaches on all levels, has led to him having a great perspective in knowing what coaches are looking for in players and applying that knowledge into his training. One of Swain Academies’ primary goals is to produce well-balanced visible student, collegiate, and pro athletes. Swain academy’s ultimate goal for their student-athletes is for them to receive Athletic Scholarships to play at the collegiate level.

Robert Swain is an active husband and father of five children and trainer to his daughter who is an aspiring female athlete. Swain and his family reside in Atlanta Georgia.

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