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Ty Upshaw Sr.

Ty Upshaw Sr.


Coach Ty is an effective communicator who brings a deep love and passion for the game of basketball and life. Introduced to the beautiful game of basketball at an early age, Coach Ty became a student of the game while playing PG from elementary through college, and beyond. An accomplished basketball coach with over six years of experience helping student athletes Grades 3 thru 8 realize their greatest performance levels in the game of basketball. Adept in guiding players to foster their competencies, and gain new and beneficial skills. Experienced in helping players learn powerful techniques to improve their form and maximize performance and endurance. Bringing forth a personal background demonstrating powerful coaching skills and a commitment to the sport of basketball; but most importantly to helping young student athletes understand the importance of paying attention to details, working hard, playing smart, and exemplifying leadership on and off the court.

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